It was a blast of an adventure spending summers on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.  A lot of time was spent surfing the giant waves at South Beach, fishing off the boat or playing tennis with friends.

The SHARK SHIRT’s evolution began on the Vineyard, where small sand sharks are found swimming off calmer beaches and great whites are found swimming further out.  All these sharks swimming around surely led to the movie "JAWS" being filmed here.   

People often wore Alligator shirts, yet a great Shark shirt always seemed like it would be much “cooler".

Sharks are respected for having great form and mighty capabilities. 

The shark is a great cautionary reminder to be concerned, guarded and at our mightiest best within a challenging and competitive world.  

The shark is a great sporting symbol for being Driven, Determined, Inspired and Enthusiastic to Do our Greatest and to be at our Greatest in order to get the Great Priorities that we Really Want, to be Strategic and Thoughtful, to Push Forward with a Positive and Outgoing Attitude, to Tackle our Challenges with Great Solutions, with a Great Vision and a Great Plan, to take things Seriously to make Smart Decisions, to Think Independently for Ourselves, to Think Critically about our Actions to avoid the Hazards, to Stand up for Ourselves and Fight for our Interests, to Challenge the Status quo, with a Desire to Succeed and a Dread of Failure, to Create and lead not just React and follow, to Appreciate our Capabilities, our Allies and our Opportunities, to be Connected with a Force for Greatness, to Toughen up and Pull it Together, to be more Rugged and Resilient, more Bold and Brave, more Energized and Invigorated to Take Action to make Great Things Happen.

Likewise, the SHARK SHIRTs are all about having a positive and outgoing attitude, to strive to be at our mightiest best to make great things happen, to have a great time.        

After working on many shirt designs with a great sporting fit, SHARK SHIRT USA was launched in 2012.


Austin Walsh