Growing up with a house by South Beach on the island of Martha’s Vineyard was an adventure.  A lot of time was spent surfing at the beach and fishing in the harbor, where we even caught a small shark once.  My Father then took the whole family downtown to see the movie “JAWS”, which was great.

The SHARK SHIRT’s evolution began on the Vineyard, where small sand sharks are found swimming off calmer beaches and great whites are found swimming further out.  All these sharks swimming around surely led to the movie "JAWS" being filmed here.  

People often wore Alligator shirts, yet a great Shark shirt always seemed like it would be much “cooler”.

Sharks gain much respect for being competitive with great form and mighty capabilities.

Sharks remind us to be cautious and concerned, to have the strength and capabilities to stand up for ourselves to be at our best in a highly competitive and challenging world

Sharks are a great symbol for striving after the things we really want and care about with the Drive, Determination, Passion, Perseverance and Enthusiasm to do what it takes, to think for ourselves to embrace constructive challenges and be critical of ourselves to be at our best, to do great works for the society, people and things we really care about.

Likewise, the SHARK SHIRT is all about having a positive, bold, brave and outgoing attitude, to be at our best to make great things happen, to have a great time.

After working on many shirt designs with a great sporting fit, SHARK SHIRT USA was launched in 2012. 


Austin Walsh